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Stay Organized

Create calendar events in a flash!

Easily whip up calendar events while chatting.

No more missing those important moments! 🗓️😄

Stay Focused

We handle the nitty-gritty of event planning, you focus on your task.

Boost your productivity by eliminating distractions.

Reducing the time spent on administrative calendar tasks. Concentrate on what matters most to you.


Stay Ahead with Focus Fox

focus fox

It’s the perfect blend of productivity and convenience.

Supercharge your productivity by kicking distractions to the curb.

How Focus Fox Works?

Step 1

Send a WhatsApp message as you always do.

Step 2

Focus Fox extracts the details and confirms with you.

Step 3

Your event is magically created in Google Calendar.

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Your participation in surveys and interviews will be greatly appreciated.

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